Revolutionise Postal and Mailing services.

  • Technology that power paperless solutions for business

    Receive all your mails and statements with a mobile phone on hand. No more sickening junk or lost mail!

  • Blockchain that power temper proof decentralization for data storage

    The most secured, cost effective and fastest methodology using Proof of Stake blockchain platform.

  • Cryptograhic that power secure encryption for connection

    Encrypted Mail could be received in 10 seconds anywhere in the world as long as you have a eBmA address.

  • eBma that power the whole eco-system for the above solution

    Truly eco-friendly solution for worldwide secured mailing


Caliber Technology is an established software development company for 20 years.
Here is a brief history of the projects we had built through the years progressing with technology of the time.
In the Year 1998, when the norm was IVR we develop a full IVR (Interactive Voice Responds) system that was launch by JP Tech for mobile phone Ringtone, Picture messages, Song dedication, Voting and supported Media Corp. teletext system. A dating service was also launched by People’s Association (PA) for their social development service for all single members only.
JP Tech was one of the biggest IVR operator in Singapore during that era.
In the year 2013, when Blockchain was virtually unnoticed of, Caliber had started marching into this arena and has not look back. Soon after crypto Wallet on eco friendly Proof Of Stake (POS) blockchain which integrated with prepaid Master Card was developed.
3 years later Caliber was awarded to develop a Fintech eco-system using POS blockchain for a remittance company.
Caliber is currently working with affiliated company Wise MPay to develop and launch a new Encrypted Blockchain Mailing Address (eBmA) system as an enterprise chain sittng on a Main chain called “Coalculus” for South East Asia market.


Wise MPay have partner with a Swiss company “Jelurida “ to launch

Jelurida is a core developer for NXT and Ardor blockchain using Java language to build the whole Proof of Stake consensus blockchain with a 10 second block speed.
POS is a eco-friendly system which do not need mining – a process that use huge power consumption. The POS blockchain could be run on a home PC. The whole chain has been tested in the market for 5 years and proven to be reliably stable.
Coalculus is an open source platform with private governing for enterprise chain to be interoperable with the main chain.
All enterprise chain will have a full eKYC screening system in place before user could be on board and use the eWallet.


With countries heeding the advocating of Climate change and government are encouraging eco friendly digitizing the economy. Going digital paperless mail and very often lead to overlook bllls go unpaid incurring unnecessary interest.
As organizations big or small are trying to protect data from growing threats, how do we achieve secured data protection solution. Data stored on centralized servers face vulnerable exposure to data breach resultng hackers or insider gaining access to personal informaton causing devastating damage and financial loss.
Recognizing the imperfection in mailing system and data breach, Caliber created eBmA tapping on Blockchain technology to send mails securely and instantly across borders. With decentralized ledger keeping, data will always stay secured and keep both hackers and insider thief at bay.




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